News: I moved! I am now a Research Fellow at SISSA (Trieste, Italy) in the Theoretical and Scientific Data Science group since September 2022. You can email me at gabriella dot contardo at sissa dot it.
From July 2018 to July 2022, I was a Flatiron Research Fellow at the Center for Computational Astrophysics, Simons Foundation, NY. Before that, I did my PhD in Computer Science and Machine Learning at Sorbonne Universite in Paris, France.

I work at the intersection between Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Astrophysics/Astronomy. I develop Machine Learning and Data Mining tools to provide new insights on data, to help deepen our understanding and to potentially discover unknown or unexplained properties of the data and their underlying physics. Most recently, I have spent time working on methods to find and characterize anomalies as structures in the density field of a dataset (such as gaps, i.e. local under-densities). This different way of framing anomaly-detection allows to go beyond the usual anomaly-detection framework (i.e outliers in the lowest density region), and focus more on detecting patterns in the structure of the dataset itself. I am also interested in (weakly supervised) representation learning methods for tasks such as class-discovery, anomaly detection, and one-class classification, applied on complex data such as time-series or graphs/sets. I also spend time thinking about interpretability and understandability of Machine/Deep Learning methods for scientific discovery.
I woud love to learn more about other fields of applications as well, such as computational and structural biology (e.g. for drug discovery), healthcare, and neuroscience, among other things.

You can find my Google Scholar list of publications here, my resume above and hopefully at some point more information on my research somewhere in blog notes?!

I actually look like this (a little while ago):

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